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Cut, punch, bend, shape, weld, rivet, paint, powder coat.
 We do it all. And much more

OmnidexVN’s top quality fabrication services have attracted customers from the USA and Japan and reflect the same high standards that ChinaSavvy adheres to in China.
In terms of aluminum fabrication, OmnidexVN offers:
 Sheet fabrication – including laser cutting and punching, forming,machining, welding and assembly
  Tube fabrication – including press bending, rotary bending, roll bending, heat-induction and hot-slab forming
  Anodized aluminum fabrication – increasing resistance to corrosion,boosting surface hardness and improving
adhesion and lubrication
  TIG and MIG welding – producing welds that are strong, clean and don’t need to be finished frequently.
For customers who require stainless steel fabrication, OmnidexVN offers such processes as work hardening, machining, welding, soft soldering and brazing. OmnidexVN also offers stainless steel tube fabrication, whether welded or seamless using piercing, gun drilling or extrusion.
Steel fabrication services feature cutting and burning, drilling,welding and final assembly. Many of OmnidexVN’s welding processes use robotic machines for guaranteed quality, accuracy and repeatability.