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Cut costs with our vast range of quality casting services

OmnidexVN specializes in a range of casting services that are capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Worried about porosity? No need with OmnidexVN’s pre-casting simulation software. Our pre-casting preparation and post-casting checks ensures high quality castings every time.

Our casting processes include:
 Sand casting – involving pattern making using CAD, in grey iron, ductile iron, steel and steel alloys,aluminum and
other alloys.
 Zinc, magnesium and aluminum die casting – involving cold-chamber conventional die casting, hot-chamber
conventional die casting, and multi-slide 
hot-chamber die casting.
 Permanent mold gravity casting – mold design and manufacture, casting, post-casting machining.
 Lost foam casting – pattern production, EPS mold design.
 Investment casting – creation of the wax injection mold and the wax pattern, use of different waxes including
soluble waxes for hollow parts.
 Shell casting – Single and stack molds for mass production.