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How VietSavvy’s services give you a competitive edge

With production costs spiralling across the globe, VietSavvy offers a solution that no other industrial offshore manufacturing specialist can – world-class engineering at rates that are not only significantly lower than in the West but also lower than in China.

British owned and managed, VietSavvy ensures customers have a strong competitive edge by drawing on the expertise of the same team that created the hugely successful ChinaSavvy. Between them, the two companies have more than 40 qualified engineers operating in such disciplines as engineering development, estimating and sourcing, production, quality assurance and R&D.
VietSavvy’s one-stop-shop service means that customers can even have their components designed and engineering drawings produced – no matter how complex the part may be. Once a quote has been agreed, VietSavvy can handle all production management, ISO level quality control and logistics, with weekly status reporting against a set timeline.
As with ChinaSavvy, quality is paramount at VietSavvy who is working towards ISO 9001:2015 registration by early 2019 (ChinaSavvy has operated to ISO 9001 standards for almost a decade).
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